Ask Your Dentist – Gum Health

 Ask a dentist - Dr. Stephen Perry. My gums hurts! Tell me how to stop pain? Quickly see a dentist. Pain in your gums, particularly in the presence of bleeding is a serious symptom. Many people ignore it too long and end up with systemic blood vessel lining inflammation. Bacteria have overcome your local immune system in the gums and saliva and now can gain access through wounds to seed themselves within your body. Serious consequences have been identified. Treating it requires wound management.   How do u stop gum pain and swelling? You need help.  Gum pain and swelling is a serious symptom, particularly if bleeding is present. Bacteria have created infection that leads to open wounds that if you had them on your hand, you would be very concerned. In the mouth they are hidden from view. You just feel pain and see bleeding. You are at risk for transient … [Read more...]