Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

There are two types of fillings available, composite/resin (tooth-colored) or amalgam (silver).A tooth filling with colored composite is the best way to restore a small cavity in a tooth.

A tooth colored composite filling is the best way to restore a small cavity in a tooth.

Benefits of Composite Fillings:

  • They look like natural teeth.
  • Provide good durability.
  • Resistant to fractures in small to medium sized restorations.
  • Requires the removal of less tooth structure when preparing the tooth for the filling.
  • Material is bonded to the tooth, which keeps the tooth stronger.

To give our patients the best possible care, Dental Health does not place silver fillings. While silver fillings may last long, they turn black and can actually weaken teeth.

The dentists at Dental Health Colorado are aware of the recent studies regarding the safety of amalgam, but have chosen to abandon the use of mercury-based amalgam fillings in the best interest of our patients and to maintain a high standard of dental care.

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