Biotic Breath at Tiffany Plaza

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What is Biotic Breath?

Biotic Breath represents a bold new approach to dentistry:  Our goal is to help you eliminate the root cause of most dental problems – namely, an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria that exist in your mouth.

We Don’t Want to Drill Holes:  Proper focus on your oral microbiome (big fancy word, huh?) will eventually minimize your need for the kinds of invasive and costly dental procedures that no one looks forward to – the kinds of things that make going to the dentist a not-so-fun experience.

The “Battle for Your Mouth”: We now know that the key to whole-mouth health centers on winning the ‘battle for your mouth’.  We also know that this battle is won by introducing the right mix of oral probiotics into your personal ecosystem.

It’s not voodoo – It’s not hype – It’s just solid science: New understandings about probiotics are changing the way medicine is being practiced today.

So what does that mean to you? Well, it means that the first thing we do is measure the presence of certain gasses in your breath – which then give us a picture of what to do next.  Your breath is like your car’s tailpipe – and the kind of exhaust that being produced in there tells us whether your engine is running right or not.

Exclusive Oral Gas Chromatography:  We are the only dental office in Colorado that uses a very sophisticated oral gas chromatograph to analyze your breath’s components down to the parts per billion – so we eliminate guesswork.  You can’t smell your own breath – and we don’t want to – so this machine does it for both of us.

Mints and Mouthwash Won’t Make You Healthier: All in all, our hope is to minimize your need for invasive dental work in the future, while giving you genuinely fresh breath right now (without mints and flavored mouthwashes that merely mask the problem instead of actually improving it).

Dentistry Re-Imagined: We accomplish this by using a blend of cutting-edge science, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, and a team that is expert in delivering traditional, dental procedures, when necessary.

Check Out the Buzz: You should come by and visit our new breathroom, check out our Healthy Piehole Lounge and have an infusion of oral probiotics next time you’re in the neighborhood.


Biotic Breath at Tiffany Plaza Patient Reviews

A+ Dentist!

Excellent office and staff!

I have been a patient at this office for quite a few years, and I’ve seen in the past year incredible effort at improving overall patient experience, thanks!  Ashley M. – Patient of Biotic Breath at Tiffany Plaza.

Needed an extraction due to bone loss, and the installation of a fixed bridge. Both accomplished very professionally, and very pleased with the results.  Jack W. – Patient of Biotic Breath at Tiffany Plaza.

…. The entire staff made me feel at ease! It’s a friendly atmosphere! Lisabeht G. – Patient of Biotic Breath at Tiffany Plaza.


  Phone: 303-779-8587

We are located at 7400 E Hampden Ave. Suite C-1, in the Tiffany Plaza shopping center with Whole Foods – and we are located right next to Petco.