Scaredy Cat

Mild anxiety about going to the dentist is very common.

When it comes to dental anxiety and fear, patients fall into one of three categories: Mild Anxiety (“Scaredy Cat”), Considerable Fear (“Scared to Death”) and those that completely avoid dental treatment (“No Way!”).

If you find yourself feeling like a “Scaredy Cat” when it comes to the dentist, you have lots of company. Mild dental anxiety is very common.  Nobody really likes dental work. Even minor bad experiences can leave people nervous, and tense throughout their treatment.

If you have ANY dental anxiety, please tell us on your first phone call. If you tell us about your dental anxiety, we can make sure to craft an experience for you that will be as comfortable as possible.

Experts at Minimizing Pain

We do our best to insure your comfort at every appointment. If the dental care you need requires us to numb your mouth, all of our dentists are exceptionally well trained in delivery of the anesthetic. They all use a painless, topical numbing gel that really works! They also apply pressure or vibration, which effectively blocks out any feeling of pain.

Communication & Knowledge to Calm You

Being informed of what is going to happen is also important in reducing dental anxiety. If you are properly informed you will feel more in control and empowered as a patient. We believe our patients should always understand the treatment that is offered in our offices. The best way to understand is to ask questions. Never feel ashamed to ask questions. Our Dental Health dentists and hygienists want to educate. It’s a big part of their job.

Focus on Comfort

A dental visit should not create anxiety.Our “As You Like It” program gives you an option of several complimentary amenities to help you feel relaxed and comfortable about coming to the dentist. You will be offered your choice of aromatherapy which relieves stress and discomfort. Rescue Remedy, which is a homeopathic solution that is calming and relaxing, vitamin water to stabilize your blood sugar levels, lip balm to keep your lips moist, and a post-procedure head and jaw massage. We also offer you headphones which allow you to listen to peaceful music, to drown out the noise of the dental office.

Laughing Gas

Inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen to help you relax. Within a few short minutes of breathing in the nitrous, you will feel a euphoric sensation spread throughout your body. It feels like a ‘happy drunk’. Often people get ‘the giggles’ (hence the name laughing gas). The recovery time is very short, and the effects pass within minutes, so you will be able to drive yourself home. Nitrous is great for taking the edge off.