Gum Line Optimization

Some individuals have gums that extend too far over the tops of the teeth. This can make the teeth appear small, creating a “gummy”smile. A gummy smile can still be healthy, but often causes self-consciousness.

Possible Causes of a Gummy Smile:

  • Excessive gum tissue in the upper jaw.
  • The upper lip rising higher than normal when you smile.
  • Unusual or abnormal growth of your upper jawbone that exposes more gum tissue.

However, a gummy smile may also indicate a more serious underlying dental condition stemming from issues related to tooth eruption or jaw development. A bite problem may also contribute to a gummy smile, affecting your overall dental health.

What’s Involved in Gum Line Optimization

Gum line optimization can significantly improve the look of a smile by reducing the length of the gums, balancing gum tissue with the shape and size of the upper lip, and making the teeth look longer.

Fix a gummy smile at Dental Health Colorado

Previously, the correction of gum prominence required dental surgery using a scalpel. This caused bleeding, risk of infection, and discomfort. Today, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, including the development of the soft tissue laser, a gummy smile can be corrected in a safe, relatively painless procedure.

Gum line optimization is done under local anesthetic. The laser will cauterize as it removes tissue, so little or no bleeding will occur. This means less chance for infection to take hold. In one brief dental visit, your Dental Health dentists can dramatically alter your gum line, reducing the appearance of a gummy smile and enhancing your self-esteem.

During recovery, you may experience swollen or sore gums for several days. Discomfort is usually minimal and should not interfere with your regular activities.

If you would like to know more about Gum Line Optimization, call today today to schedule a complimentary consultation.