Dental Comfort Options

Dental Health of Colorado offers free amenities in our program called “As You Like It”Dental Health of Colorado offers a variety of complimentary amenities that are tailored to your preference to make your dental visit a positive experience.

We’re pleased to have you as one of our valued guests.

Because we want to make your visit with us as comfortable and pleasurable as possible,we offer a variety of complimentary amenities that are tailored to your preference.

Water and Vitamin Water

You have your choice of plain or lightly flavored Vitamin Water as it is important that you remain hydrated and maintain a certain level of blood sugar to insure that you feel energized throughout your appointment.

Rescue Remedy

If you are nervous about your visit, a few drops of Rescue Remedy under your tongue can help you feel calm and centered. Rescue Remedy is totally natural and contains five Bach flower essences.

Lip Balm

All-natural lip balm will help keep your lips moistened during your dental procedure and cleanings. We have a variety of flavors to choose from.


Dental Health Colorado offers aromatherpay

Breathing aromatic essential oils can enhance your overall health and psychological well-being. Pleasant fragrances have a significant impact on mood and emotions and also produce physical reactions, such as lower blood pressure. During your visit, you can choose one of our calming essential oils.

iPod Shuffle

Music can help put one’s mind at ease and create a feeling of relaxation.. The type of music one enjoys is a highly personal choice. We have numerous categories of music to choose from. Also included are pieces of music that have been identified as being therapeutic in reducing and relieving anxiety. These musical works are determined by people who study the effects of music on the human brain.

Pillows and Blankets

We provide pillows and blankets to keep you warm and comfortable.

Dental Health Colorado offers head and neck massage after treatments

Hot Towel and Lotion

After the procedure, we will offer you a refreshing hot towel and Co Q10 lotion to rejuvenate your skin and face.

Post-Procedure Head/Face Massage

A soothing massage of your face and head will increase your circulation, reduce the accumulated lactic acid, and relax those taut muscles at the end of your procedure.

Convenient Offices To Serve You

Colorado Dental Health are located up and down the front range of Colorado, so there is always a dentist close by to serve you. In Denver, we have three convenient locations: Downtown, Midtown and the Denver Tech Center. Our Westminster office serves the northern metropolitan area, and if you are in Boulder, Longmont or Greeley, there is a hometown Colorado Dental Health office at your service. Schedule a visit today.