Preventive Care

Dental Health Colorado believes there is a strong connection between oral health and overall wellness.We believe that patients deserve to attain the highest level of health possible so we emphasize preventive dental care. At Dental Health we know that optimal oral health is a key component to one’s overall physical and emotional well-being and that preventive dental care is crucial.

In our Dental Health practices, to practice the most advanced preventive dental care, we recognize that we need to begin to address three factors– bacterial load, contributing medical issues, and nutritional adequacy. We strive to make our practices more of a “concierge service” meaning we are concerned with more than just making teeth look good.  Our goal is to make our patient look better, feel better, and be healthier.

At Dental Health, we acknowledge the importance of incorporating both preventive dental care as well as preventive medicine into an overall plan for patient care.  We consider our dentists to be doctors of the mouth, and the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. If a patient is not physically healthy, eventually that patient’s mouth won’t be healthy. This is also true the other way around- oral health can dramatically effect your overall health.

So our Dental Health dentists are trained to investigate many facets of your oral and systemic health in order to identify areas of concern and develop a uniquely customized treatment plan that is catered towards maximizing your oral and overall health, while meeting your individual goals and expectations.

Dr. Stephen Perry, Dental Health Colorado’s CEO, reflects upon his approach to dentistry and why he cares about preventive care.

Focus on Preventive Dental Care

Two of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy mouth are to practice good oral hygiene and get regular preventive care. At Dental Health, we make sure you understand the importance of daily care that includes proper brushing and flossing to help stop problems before they develop into painful and expensive conditions.

For optimal preventive dental care, we recommend you visit your Dental Health dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. This frequency level works well for most people, although some people with gum disease, an improper diet, a weakened immune system or a genetic predisposition for certain bacteria and plaque build-up or cavities might need to visit more frequently for the best results.

Hygiene AppointmentsColorado Dental Health focuses on prevention

Our hygienists make sure that their patients have the healthiest and most beautiful smiles possible. They also truly enjoy getting to know their patients. Our hygienists’ goal is to keep our guests comfortable and relaxed so that they can express their needs and allow us to help them improve their dental health. Our team truly cares about our patients and their well-being!

Convenient Offices To Serve You

Colorado Dental Health are located up and down the front range of Colorado, so there is always a dentist close by to serve you. In Denver, we have three convenient locations: Downtown, Midtown and the Denver Tech Center. Our Westminster office serves the northern metropolitan area, and if you are in Boulder, Longmont or Greeley, there is a hometown Colorado Dental Health office at your service. Schedule a visit today.