Dentistry Without Fear

We specialize in dental phobia.Do you fear the dentist? You are not alone and having this fear is nothing to be ashamed of.  Fear of the dentist is extremely common. From mild discomfort to all out phobias, fear of the dentist makes it difficult for many patients to get the care they need.

We take fear of the dentist seriously. Our promise is that patients will be treated in the most compassionate way possible.  We understand dental phobia and want to help you with your fear. Avoiding dental visits is detrimental to your health and may result in more invasive, painful, and expensive treatment later on.

We have specialized treatment for mild anxiety, more significant fear of the dentist and severe phobia. We offer anxiety free appointments with oral sedation dentistry in select offices.  Please call for more information.  Relaxation is achieved by taking a sedative pill upon arrival. After taking the pill, you are still able to communicate, though you are completely at ease. You will also enjoy a significantly lower sensation of pain, enabling dental treatments.

We also promise that we will do everything we can to reduce the number of future dental appointments. Our motto is prevention. Our dentists are committed to alerting you to what’s going on behind the scenes in your mouth. In this way, we empower you to make lifestyle changes that will dramatically decrease your future dental visits.

Our goal is to get your treatment accomplished in the fewest visits, with little or no pain, and the best possible memories.

Let us make your experience a pleasant one, call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.