Amalgam Fillings: The Truth About the Metal in Your Mouth

Recently the Dr. Oz show came out with a segment entitled “Are Your Silver Fillings Making You Sick?” Within that segment they discussed the toxicity of amalgam, a.k.a “silver fillings” and the dangers they pose to the public. The safety concern raised by Dr. Oz surrounds one of the components of an amalgam filling: Mercury. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin, and at certain levels can cause neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and mental disorders. In an amalgam filling, mercury, silver, tin, copper and other metals are combined to form a hard, stable substance that fills in an area of tooth where a cavity has been removed. Mercury is used to make the filling more pliable when being fitted to the tooth, and once it is hardened, is a perfect surface to withstand the daily forces of chewing and grinding. Once the mercury is mixed with the other metals and molded to fit the tooth … [Read more...]