Coda Recommended Recipes for Oral and Systemic Health

Coda Health Kitchen strives to bridge the gap between our fragmented health care system. We believe that high quality food and nutrition is integral to health and wellness, even though it is neglected by most health care practitioners. Coda Health Kitchen aims to bring this dialog into the dental office!

Dental Health Colorado has given us the perfect opportunity to integrate a more holistic sense of dental and oral health with the bigger picture of systemic health. We will promote a series of recipes aimed at high-quality nutrition, flavor and impact for your lifestyle, oral and systemic health.

Improve Bad Breath with food!

Dental hygiene depends a lot on what we eat (which makes sense, since it goes through the mouth). Coda Health Kitchen and Dental Health Colorado want you to use food as your treatment for bad breath! ¬†Please read below for tips and tricks and ingredients that you can incorporate into your diet to get you on the better breath bandwagon. First, here's the problem, halitosis is usually caused by bacteria that live in your mouth that put off waste products called volatile sulfur compounds. When you (or your partner) smell your breath, you are smelling the by-product of hundreds or thousands of VSCs on your tongue produced as bacterial waste. You can tell by looking at your tongue; if it is covered by a thin white substance, bacteria has begun to flourish and you will need to do something about that. ¬†We offer tongue scrapers at Coda Health Kitchen to maintain this film as part of an oral … [Read more...]