Ask a Dentist – Dental Bridge, Filling, Excess Saliva and Tooth Abscess

Dr Bruce Howell is a dentist in our Loveland officeDr. Howell answers this round in our “Ask a Dentist” blog.  Increase your dental IQ and improve your dental health by staying up to date on health information from a trusted dentist.  You can read more about Dr. Howell at Longmont Dental Health.

What is the definition or description of: Dental filling?

A filling is a dental material to replace a portion of the tooth lost due to fracture or decay. It can be composite (white), silver or gold.

Does it hurt when using a dental ultrasonic scaler?

Normally no.  An ultrasonic scaler is normally not painful to use. If the gums are inflamed or covered with calculus it may be painful to use but hand scaling would also be uncomfortable.

What is the definition or description of: Dental bridge?

Replaces teeth.  A dental bridge is a dental appliance to replace a missing or lost permanent tooth. Normally it is attached to adjacent teeth to help support the missing tooth.

What is the definition or description of: Deciduous tooth?

Two sets of teeth.  We normally have two sets of teeth, primary, milk or deciduous teeth and permanent or secondary teeth. Normally there are 20 primary and 32 secondary teeth.Diagram of teeth

What causes one to produce excessive saliva?

Saliva is an important part of our oral health. It is a natural lubricant, cleaner and contains beneficial bacteria to start the digestion process. It also helps us taste food and swallow. Excess saliva may be cause by certain medications, foods or toxins that may be exposed to. Please consult with your dentist.

Is it safe to drink alcohol the day after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

No it is not advised.  There are many factors to consider after a tooth is removed. Alcohol can affect the blood flow and clotting in the area. Also, most of the time your dentist will prescribe pain medications which should not be taken with alcohol.

Do dentists use versed to sedate patients?

There are many options to sedate from nitrous oxide, anti-anxiety medications, light sedation, deep sedation to being fully unconscious. Please consult with your dentist for what would be best for you. Read more about our dental fear management options.

What will I be able to eat warm foods again after getting my wisdom teeth extracted?

After proper healing you will be able to eat any food you would normally eat. During the healing process, soft, more bland foods may be indicated.

Can rinsing with salt water too much cause a tooth abscess?

No.  Warm salt water has a cleaning and healing effect on the gums. It will not cause a tooth abscess.

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