Digital Dental Imaging

The majority of our facilities are utilizing intraoral cameras. Unlike a film, these digital images may be enhanced to bring out all of the diagnostic detail. They can be magnified, inverted (white and black instead of black and white), edge enhanced, and contrast enhanced.Find Cavities with Images

What are the benefits of an Intra-Oral Camera system for you?

  • You see what we see! Digital images are unsurpassed for patient education. Many of the same tools that you use for diagnosis can be used to help the patient understand the treatment plan.
  • State of the art diagnostic detail. With our intra-oral camera our dentists in the Boulder, DTC and Longmont offices can easily see, in fine detail, every crevice of your mouth. This way, he can find any sign of decay or concern in a comfortable fashion.
  • We are more likely to save you money!  We can make a solid case to the insurance company if we can pick up details that are not visible in x-rays.  Sometimes having these images is the difference between insurance coverage and straight out-of pocket.  When treatment is necessary, we want to give you the resources to maintain optimal health.
  • Our digital imaging systems help our clinicians communicate with you regarding your treatment.  Many times, seeing is believing and we want you to have confidence in our diagnoses.