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Welcome to Coda Connect –the healthy living and nutrition blog for Coda Kitchen.

Hello Everyone, I’m Dr. Sondra Fields and I’ll be your Coda Connect host. My expertise is the psychological and spiritual empowerment of women as they age. In addition, health, primarily alternative health and nutrition, has been my avocation and passion for many years. When Dr. Stephen Perry invited me to write this blog, I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. read more:

For our name, we visited the world of music. On a musical score the “coda” symbol tells the performer of a change or transition, a jump into something different or new.  Coda Kitchen is definitely something new and different. More on the inner workings of Coda Kitchen in our next blog; here I want to give you an overview of our origins and a broad look at the leap we are in the midst of making.

Our juicing class in a dental officeCoda Kitchen, you should know, stands alone as the first and only whole health kitchen or whole health clinic, if you like, attached to a major dental practice. In fact, Coda Kitchen is not next door or down the hall, it is right inside the Dental Health of Boulder office.

Dr. Stephen Perry founder of the Boulder dental office along with six other dental offices in downtown Denver, DTC, Westminster, Midtown, Greeley and Longmont— is a Visionary. Some would call him a Futurist, because he’s literally paving the way for– dentistry of the future. His philosophy can be summed up in the following statements, “Use your mouth consciously.”…”Health begins with what you put in your mouth.”… And from Socrates 2,500 years ago “Food is the best medicine.”

Dental Health of Colorado (the umbrella for all the above dental offices), began with the mission of providing a high standard of care and like traditional dental offices throughout this country, its focus was on repair and surgery. As the person of Dr. Perry has evolved, so has Dental Health of Colorado.

Dental Health of Boulder continues to develop the prototype of whole body health and dentistry.—prevention through a healthy lifestyle and diet with expanded services, staff and advanced dental technology.

What a vibrant jewel we have right here in our midst. Consciously evolving our health and your health, we’re open, accessible and at your service. We want you– the public, the patient, the health advocate to know that we are here to give you “whole health” support through education in diet, nutrition and current health research, not just repair your teeth and gums.

Our Coda Kitchen staff is trained to pay close attention to all your body systems as they relate to your overall health; skin care, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing and recommend proven, organic and natural remedies.

Interact with us here on this Coda Connect blog and we will do our very best to answer your questions. I/we are listening, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us know how we can best serve you. What would you like? What would support you most in getting healthy and staying healthy? Remember, we’re talking “whole body” health, which includes, but is not exclusive to teeth. Good nutrition supports healthy teeth, healthy eyes, healthy hearing, a healthy brain, all the body’s pieces and parts.

In my next blog, I will share with you the various tools and programs Coda Kitchen has established to help you heal, stay calm, relaxed, and age with vitality.

Come evolve with us: Say “Yes” to more energy, freshness, availability, interest in life, and…a beautiful smile.  You can schedule a visit on our dental appointment page.

Dr. Sondra Fields

Our Coda Connect Blog author, Dr. Sondra Fields