Oral Bacteria From Periodontal Disease Can Contribute Towards Hip or Knee Prosthesis Failure

A new Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine study suggests the possibility that oral bacteria from periodontal disease can contribute towards hip or knee prosthesis failure.  These same bacteria may also be a factor in arthritis.

Dangerous oral bacteria lives in periodontal pockets underneath the gumsIn a recent university news release, Dr. Nabil Bissada of the department of Periodontics, noted that “For a long time, we’ve suspected these bacteria were causing problems in arthritis patients, but never had the scientific evidence to support it.”

The study looked for oral bacterial in the synovial fluid of patients with arthritis, periodontal disease and failed prosthetic joints.  The investigators found a correlation between the failed knee and hip joints and the presence of oral bacteria in these failed joints.

The authors suggest that patients with arthritis or failed prosthetic joints be examined for the presence of periodontal diseases and be treated accordingly.

At Dental Health, we check for the presence of periodontal disease including gingivitis, an early form of periodontal disease.  We use the newest techniques and technologies to help you achieve oral systemic health.  Our dentists and dental staff recently participated in an oral-systemic conference at The Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Center.

For more information regarding the association of oral bacteria towards hip and knee prosthesis failure, visit the Case Western study.