The Only Dental Practice with a Coda Health Kitchen

Eating healthy can avoid many oral health problems and save you money.

The relationship of nutrition to oral health includes much more than a simple focus on sugar’s relationship to tooth decay.  It includes factors such as an individual’s overall dietary patterns, exposure to fluoride, and a person’s systemic health. Having a healthy diet is critical to overall health–including oral health. We practice this philosophy in  our Coda Health Kitchen.

At Dental Health, we recognize the significant role of nutrition in your dental health. We have taken the bold step of partnering with Coda Health Kitchen to provide services  that support a nutritional philosophy and lifestyle to maximize your overall health. We also believe that if we partner with you to help you understand the role of nutrition on the health  of your mouth, we can make sure you have the least amount of dental restorations over the long term.

Traditionally, dental offices only manage dental issues after they arise without addressing the lifestyle, nutritional, and dietary habits that could have prevented these issues. We think of these traditional offices as tooth mechanics. We are different. We believe that as medical professionals, we have a responsibility to keep you well. We  have teamed up with Coda Health Kitchen to bring this experience to you.

Coda Health Kitchen Services Include:

  • Providing the nutritional education, classes and programs that lead toward long-term dental health and overall wellness including alkalizing programs that support the remineralisation of your teeth, enamel and health of your gums.
  • We provide a quick and easy teeth whitening service at our Boulder, Midtown and DTC locations.  We recommend this service as part of your hygiene routine every 6 months.
  • Creating a friendly, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at our office through our “As You Like It” program.
  • Providing nutritious, organic, delicious smoothies, food and recipes for you to enjoy! We show by example that delicious food does not need to have a negative impact on your dental health.
  • We have developed a 12-week holistic weight loss journey that includes cooking classes, grocery store learning excursions, individualizing your diet exercise and much, much more! You can check our schedule of classes at Coda Health Kitchen Classes.
  • Providing a lending library of books and DVDs at our Coda Kitchen locations that address nutrition and the issues surrounding our current food system and diet.
  • Offering Juice Plus+® – a whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains to improve the health and immune systems of our patients.
  • In our Dental Health Boulder office, we offer a free skin analysis with the VISIA® Complexion Imaging System. This is a multi-spectral imaging system which allows us to recommend a facial rejuvenation routine based on your unique complexion profile.

We Bring Holistic Care to Dentistry

Currently, we are performing taste test and pH tests during your visit so that we can better understand your dental health and make recommendations to improve your dental health through diet and nutrition. Another unique aspect of our dental practice is that we have a raw food kitchen, where we prepare healthy raw, organic treats for our patients.

We often have great conversations with patients about new recipes, the benefits of eating raw foods, how they can improve their pH balance in order to support dental health, and how their taste buds can be rejuvenated.

We offer an ongoing program of Nutritional Counseling Services, as well as Cooking Classes and Holistic Diet Counseling. Call today for a free phone consultation. Coda Health Kitchen offers nutritional counseling in our Boulder office at 720-443-3696.

Coda Health Kitchen Staff

Our Boulder Coda Health Kitchen Consultant

Bridget Hobart, Boulder Coda Health Kitchen

Bridget Hobart is the Health Consultant at our Coda Health Kitchen located in Boulder, Co. She has over a decade of experience working in the holistic health industry and has experience in nutritional consulting, marketing and sales support for large organic food retailers.  Bridget lives and breathes the ethic of a vibrant and healthy life!

Bridget is essential in implementing Coda Health Kitchen’s “As You Like it” Program ,which reduces patients anxiety by providing a calming and relaxing experience, while also providing nutritional testing and educational services. Bridget also provide nutritional coaching to professional and life athletes.

Bridget also heads up the organic, mineral-based teeth whitening service, nutritional counseling and skin care analysis program through our high-tech VISIA® Complexion Imaging System.  She envisions Coda Health Kitchen to be an all encompassing one-stop-shop for all of your health and wellness needs. “My goal is to bring Coda Health Kitchen to a whole new level and bring new awareness to the Boulder community.”

Coda Health Kitchen Testimonials

Hi Bridget!
“I meant to write yesterday…but, WOW!  Thanks so very much for an awesome Heart Healthy Raw Food Class which was really so much more!

You and Jessica did a fabulous job.  I wrote a follow up to Lala and just let her know how fantastic you all were!  THANKS!

Your positive message is like dominos!  So glad I met you, thank you for going above and beyond.”